Renewable & Alternative Energy Technology Solutions
Our staff and partner experts are highly specialized in the provision of solutions regards the
following Renewable Energy Technologies;
Solar PV & Concentrating Solar Power
Cogeneration (CHP) & Waste Heat Recovery
Biomass Gasification, Biomass
Wind Turbine technologies
Fuel Cells
Kinetic Energy Harvesting

Development of Climate Change Development Projects

With years of experience in the development and implementation of numerous projects in
the region, the team at Congretype Energy possesses the practical knowledge and skills in
developing energy and environment projects from conceptual stage to operation. Our
achievements in this business activity include the following:

  • Rural Solar Home Systems Project
  • Rural Solar Cooker and Solar Oven Utilisation Program
  • Rural Sweet Sorghum Value Chain Development Project
  • Manufacturing and Energy Efficiency Project
  • Municipal Street Lighting Energy Efficiency Project
  • Rural Scholar Transportation Project
  • Biodigester utilizing domestic biowaste

Project Development and Consulting of Energy and Environment Projects

  • Conducted the pre-feasibility study to ascertain the technical feasibility, and
    economical and financial viability of the 10.5 MW Solar PV power plant at
    Telkom SA.
  • Conducted the feasibility study for a biowaste -to-energy project aimed to
    process the wastes coming from kichen vegetable waste.
  • Conducted Feasibility Studies for 90 MW Solar PV power plants at Giyani 40MW, Dilopye-30MW and 20MW at Daveyton.
  • Conducted Feasibility Studies, and compiling Business Plans for Municipal and
    Commercial Energy Efficiency Projects in South Africa.
  • Conducted Socio-Economic Studies, Feasibility Study and compiling Business Plan
    for LED Lamp Manufacturing in South Africa.
  • Feasibility Study and Business Plan for Biofuels Value Chain Development in
    South Africa.
  • Conducted Feasibility Study and Drafting of Business Plan for Rural Learner
    Transportation Scheme
  • Feasibility Study for the Filtering of Harmonic Distortions in Electrical Systems.
  • Feasibility Study for the Production of Solar Panels in South Africa.
  • Feasibility Study and Business Plan for the Production of Anhydrous Bio-ethanol
    from Sweet Sorghum.